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“Embrace the intersection of technology and creativity, where innovation becomes art and imagination knows no bounds.”

About Me

From a small town in the UK to embracing opportunities in the United States, my life has been a remarkable tapestry of growth, exploration, and a passion for technology-driven creativity.

Born and raised in the UK, I discovered my love for education and embarked on a fulfilling career as a teacher. Guiding young minds and witnessing the spark of knowledge ignited a fire within me, but a deep curiosity for technology beckoned me towards a new path.

With a leap of faith, I made the bold decision to pursue my passion for IT and networks, setting my sights on the land of opportunity, the United States. This move marked a significant turning point, exposing me to a dynamic and innovative environment that fueled my ambition.

Over the past 15 years, I have dedicated myself to honing my skills and embracing the ever-evolving landscape of information technology. From networking infrastructure to cutting-edge software solutions, I have navigated a variety of projects and challenges, constantly seeking growth and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Beyond the realm of IT, I am an entrepreneur at heart. Exploring the vast possibilities of 3D printing, I established my own Etsy store, where I blend my technical expertise with artistic flair. This venture has allowed me to share my creations with a global audience, infusing personalized products with a touch of innovation and craftsmanship.

As my journey unfolds, I am venturing into uncharted territory once again, with a new focus on AI artwork. Embracing the fusion of technology and creativity, I am on a mission to create captivating pieces that challenge perceptions and inspire imagination. This exciting endeavor propels me to the forefront of emerging technologies, as I seek to harness the power of artificial intelligence in the realm of artistic expression.

Throughout my life, I have embraced the values of curiosity, growth, and continuous learning. Each experience has shaped me, broadening my perspectives and instilling a deep appreciation for the possibilities that lie within the intersection of technology and human creativity.

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